About Us

The space was developed in partnership with community residents, United Way of Calgary and Area, and many service providers.

The name 1000 Voices refers to the residents, constellation groups and agencies who lent their voice to the development of this human services area.

1000 Voices represents a place to speak and be heard by those who come to visit. It is a space for community initiatives to grow and flourish; it can be accessed by residents who wish to use the facility as a place to meet and discuss.

1000 Voices is the gathering place for the North of McKnight communities. It is a place which can be used for community meetings, discussion groups, programs and services, cultural arts and local events. The facility is a common ground for the residents of the six North of McKnight communities located in Calgary’s northeast: Castleridge, Falconridge, Saddle Ridge, Taradale, Martindale and Coral Springs.

1000 Voices is also a place for residents to access services and programs that are important to them.

1000 Voices is a gathering place where diverse groups and residents can share in educational, social and cultural activities.