About Us

The space was developed in partnership with community residents, United Way of Calgary and Area, and many service providers. The […]


This vision was to develop a community centre to meet growing and unique recreation, sport, culture, and educational needs of NE Calgary. These residents envisioned a facility to bring together what continues to be the most culturally diverse quadrant of the city.

The vision for a multi-purpose complex in the northeast is for more than a recreation centre. The dream is to create a gathering place where diverse ethnic groups and residents can share together in recreational, educational, social and cultural activities. Utilizing 22-acres (8.9 hectares) in the heart of the community, the residents now speak confidently of a true ‘centre of community’ which will reflect the international and multicultural reality of northeast Calgary.


A place to come together. It is a place to speak; a place to be heard; a place that will provide comfort and security and a place to find support.


Special Recognition




Without the help and support of literally thousands of people, organizations, business groups and associations we could not exist. There is not enough space to thank of all of those who have given so much to make our dream a reality. We would be remiss if we did not acknowledge some key supporters to this project with a very special thank you!