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In 1994, residents of Martindale, Saddle Ridge, and Taradale approached The City of Calgary with a vision. This vision was to develop a community centre to meet growing and unique recreation, sport, culture, and educational needs of NE Calgary. These residents envisioned a facility to bring together what continues to be the most culturally diverse quadrant of the city.

The vision for a multi-purpose complex in the northeast is for more than a recreation centre. The dream is to create a gathering place where diverse ethnic groups and residents can share together in recreational, educational, social and cultural activities. Utilizing 22-acres (8.9 hectares) in the heart of the community, the residents now speak confidently of a true ‘centre of community’ which will reflect the international and multicultural reality of northeast Calgary.

In 2000, residents secured partnerships with YMCA Calgary and the Calgary Public Library. By 2005, the three Community Associations with the Calgary Soccer Federation formed a shared non-profit organization called The North East Centre of Community Society (NECCS). Together NECCS, YMCA Calgary, Calgary Public Library and The City of Calgary formed the NE Centre of Community Complex Partnership to build, operate and manage the facility.

Each partner is committed to working together to enhance community and individual well-being through recreational, social, educational and cultural activities.

In 2006 the United Way of Calgary and Area became involved in the project with the addition of a Human Service component to the project. This vision was to integrate human services in the complex.

Opening celebrations are on January 14 and 15, 2012 and mark the official opening of The Genesis Centre of Community Wellness and 1000 Voices.